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Factors to consider when renting a house or condo in Pattaya

Posted by [email protected] on November 5, 2018
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Deciding whether to rent a house or a condo is a big decision for some. There are both benefits and downsides to consider for both sides before choosing a house or condo.
Some may like the added amenities that come with one compared to the other based on how nice the condo or house is. Others may value other factors that will be mentioned in the article. Here are nine major factors to consider when renting a condo or house.


Typically, when thinking about space, a house is likely to have more area to roam in. In addition to more square footage inside, there will be a yard or outside area of some sort that will be amenable to pets, friends, and even neighbors.


While some condos may offer parking space it is usually an added fee — a fee that some may be hesitant to dish out the extra money toward. If living with others with multiple vehicles, it might be a good idea to consider renting a house to have ample parking space for all automobiles and to save money in the long run on parking.
For renting condo in Pattaya, old condo buildings may have this problem but new building rare to find this due to the building control Act, moreover there are free in most projects.
For renting house, you should ensure that the house that you are considering have enough space for your cars or even the road in the village is suitable for turn around.


With a house or condo, this could be up in the air. On one hand, with living in a condo, you may run into noisy neighbors, unwanted guests, or simply a condo complex that is not really ideal for privacy.
But now always like I just been said, lucky that this is Pattaya because here are variety choices of living style. If you prefer urbanize North-Pattaya, Central-Pattaya or South-Pattaya is a good choice. But if you prefer to stay in condo with cosy environment, Pratumnak hill might be the right location for you.
However, with living in a house, you can keep that contained to an extent. Based on who you choose to live with in a house, you could deal with roommates who like to be all up in your business or ones who know to leave you be and respect your space. In addition, living in a house, you’ll likely deal less with neighbors or the like.


Major key alert here. If you are not a fan of shoveling the walkways, keeping the land tidy (i.e. mowing the lawn), keeping the garden up to date, and keeping up the house, it may be best to consider going the condo route. There are trade-offs for each, sure, but if you value tedious chores, this could be a huge factor in your decision.
But not mean that you cannot find the house without lawn because some owners consider that maintenance lawn is boring for the one who not like then some house is tiles around.


When relating houses to condos typically in terms of location, condos typically tend to have better locations in relation to distance to campus, bars, and the general hustle and bustle of college life. You can find variety of locations in Pattaya; ocean view, mountain view, farm or garden view. However, if you want more of the urban scene? Consider renting a condo.


The first point to consider when talking about is communal fees because its calculate vary to the area of the properties. Comparing per square meter condo have more cost.
Also, as mentioned before, keep in mind outside costs such as parking. With a house, you will most likely not have to pay for parking and the utilities and security deposit per person will be cheaper. The one obstacle to deciding to move into a house is finding enough people who you can potentially trust and see as roommates living in a house.


Want to implement your own style and feel to the space you are about to choose to live? While both offer opportunities to express your creativity, a house gives you more freedom and space to do so. A room in a house gives more of a homey feel that you can truly mold into what you feel comfortable with the most. Personally, a condo does not give that same feel or vibe of comfort.


Almost a no brainer here. Almost no condos allow pets inside them. Why? Too much of a hassle and possible damage to the inside. If you’re looking to get a four-legged companion, renting a house is the way to go. Now a day, Pattaya property including condo developer build the condo with the juristic rules to allow pets.

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